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    (Note: No applicant will be denied employment solely on the grounds of convictions of a criminal offense. The nature of the offense, the date of the offense the surrounding circumstances and the relevance of the offense to the position(s) applied for may, however, be considered.)

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    Position applying for, Select one below : Flight CrewFront DeskParty HostKitchen

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    Beginning with your present or most current employer, list all previous employment for the past three years. Attach a separate sheet of paper if additional space is required.

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    I hereby certify that I have not knowingly withheld any information that might adversely affect my chances for employment and that the answers given by me are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I further certify that I, the undersigned applicant, have personally completed this application. I understand that any omission or misstatement of material fact on this application or any document used to secure employment shall be grounds for rejection of this application or for immediate discharge if I am employed, regardless of the time elapsed before discovery.

    I understand that nothing contained in this application, or conveyed during any interview which may be granted or during my employment, if hired, is intended to create an employment contract between me and the company. In addition, I understand and agree that if I am employed, my employment is for no definite or determinable period and may be terminated at any time, with or without prior notice, at the option of either myself or the company, and that no promises or representations contrary to the foregoing are binding on the company unless made in writing and signed by me and the designated company representative.

    I understand that my employment with the company shall be probationary for a period of ninety (90) days, and further that at any time during the probationary period or thereafter, my employment relation with the company is terminable at will for any reason by either party.

    An application form sometimes makes it difficult for an individual to adequately summarize a complete background. Use the space below to summarize any additional information necessary to describe your full qualifications for the specific position for which you are applying.

    This Company is an equal employment opportunity employer. We adhere to a policy of making employment decisions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, age or disability. We assure you that your opportunity for employment with this Company depends solely on your qualifications.


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